(25 cm × 20 cm) - Kwik 画像フレーミング: ゴールド額縁 (利用可能な全サイズ) クルミ (25 cm × 20 cm)【楽天海外直送】 - (25cm x 20cm ) - Kwik Picture Framing: Walnut With Gold Picture Frame (All Sizes Available) (25cm x 20


(25cm x 20cm ) - Kwik Picture Framing: Walnut With Gold Picture Frame (All Sizes Available) (25cm x 20cm )Size: 25cm x 20cm This beautiful walnut with gold picture frame makes a big impression without distracting from the image it contains. It is made in the UK and available for nationwide delivery. Made from good quality polycore material. With a classic, luxurious-looking design this walnut with gold picture frame will help your images to make a strong impression. For the best price on the internet, this frame is available for 1-3 day delivery nationwide. Made in our UK workshop, it is high-quality and comes in a range of picture sizes. The frame itself measures 40mm wide x 20mm deep,Each frame comes complete with Frames, Perspex plastic front (Lighter than glass) MDF backing and option to hang or stand. For stand the size is up to 12" x 10" only.We send Perspex Plastic Sheet instead of glass, due to breakage in the post. (On either side of the see-through Perspex is a piece of sticky plastic. You need to remove this before adding your image) The size shown is the Perspex/picture size not the overall frame size.This picture frame is ideal for pictures, art prints, photos, certificates, graduation photos etc.Delivery costs stay the same however many items you order. However, terms may differ for customers in the Highlands, islands or Ireland. Contact us for costs.------------------------------------ 当店は、アメリカ カリフォルニアを本店とする海外ショップです。



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